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"Is It Just Me" or are we asleep on care planning? (07-Apr-2017)

Is it just me, or does anyone else notice that the one document that we spend an incredible amou..

A Nurse is 'NOT JUST A NURSE'​ (07-Apr-2017)

The community has been successful in demanding reform for care delivery to the older population and ..

Older Australians to have more say in delivery of home care services (27-Feb-2017)

The Minister for Aged Care, Ken Wyatt, AM, MP, today launched Increasing Choice in Home Care, which ..

Performance Management (27-Feb-2017)

Learn how to manage your staff and build teamwork in Aged Care settings Registered nurses a..

What is your relationship with Leadership? (14-Dec-2016)

Lately it appears that everyone in the consulting game is an expert in leadership. With so many lead..

A BIG thank you to all nursing and care staff! (07-Dec-2016)

Spare a thought for the tens of thousands of dedicated nursing staff and care workers who each year ..

Parkinson's Disease (15-Sep-2016)

This disease is fairly common, with approx. 70,000 Australians suffering. It’s not just a dise..

ANZAC Day and the history of the ANZAC biscuit (21-Apr-2016)

Lest We Forget ANZAC Day is the anniversary of the landing of troops from Australia and New Ze..

Home-Sharing: Companionship in return for a roof (06-Nov-2015)

A concept that is taking off in Australia as it has done in America and Europe is home-sharing. ..

Welcome Sussan Ley – New Minister for Aged Care (07-Oct-2015)

The Hon Sussan Ley MP was sworn in today, taking on the aged care portfolio in addition to her respo..

Weird Nursing Rules You’ve Never Heard Of (20-Jul-2015)

Nursing is not a profession you can take lightly. As nurses, we get to deal with real people of ..

The Rise of the 'GranTechie": Closing the Generational Gap (18-Jun-2015)

Move over Millennials and watch out GenZ, Aussie grandparents are some of the fastest growing tech u..

Aged Care is Australia's New Boom Industry (22-May-2015)

Aged Care is Australia's New Boom Industry - The Aged Care sector has experienced, and is still work..

Clinical Leadership Tools (22-May-2015)

Tips, Tools and Resources for Building Clinical Leadership Skills Get your idea heard: A..

Residents and Care Providers commemorate ANZAC Day (24-Apr-2015)

This ANZAC Day marks the 100 year anniversary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand forces on..

Urgent need for young aged care professionals (24-Apr-2015)

New aged care training programs are attracting a cohort of health professionals; however, the propor..

Malnourished encouraged to eat chocolate this Easter (01-Apr-2015)

Australian dietitians have approved chocolate for malnourished older Australians in a bid to help cu..

Meeting needs of ageing CALD Australians (30-Mar-2015)

The Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia (FECCA) has released a landmark report t..

Younger onset dementia social program launches (27-Mar-2015)

Lena Pace was diagnosed with dementia in her late 50s, but this has not stopped her from thoroughly ..

Home care sector gets to know quality watchdog (29-Jan-2015)

Six months after the Quality Agency assumed responsibility for standards and quality in communit..

Elderly waiting longer for places in high care nursing homes (29-Jan-2015)

ONE in six elderly Australians will wait at least nine months for a place in a high-care nursing hom..

Aged Care the place to be, says Deutsche Bank (29-Jan-2015)

AUSTRALIA’S aged care sector offers investors a defensive earnings stream, with government fun..

Depression increases risk of falls in elderly (16-Oct-2014)

Falls are common in elderly people but the risk increases markedly when they have depressive sym..

Regional dilemma for aged care (15-Oct-2014)

The proposition that aged-care services should be available locally for all Australians would se..

United voice for palliative care (14-Oct-2014)

Palliative care unites under new national brand Palliative Care Australia (PCA) and its members,..

How to plan for a better death (13-Oct-2014)

We all have the legal right to refuse health care. Have you thought about how you would want to..

Device aims to reduce alarm fatigue for nurses at point of care (10-Oct-2014)

Wireless communications specialist Ascom Wireless Solutions is set to introduce a new mobile device ..

Out and About now on Android (10-Oct-2014)

A Victorian aged and disability provider's award winning smartphone app is now available to down..

For-profit providers more likely to be sanctioned: study (09-Oct-2014)

For-profit aged care services have a higher rate of regulatory failure, according to new researc..

Dementia in retirement villages - an emerging issue (29-Sep-2014)

Living with dementia in retirement villages will be studied in what has been described as a &lsq..

New Palliative Care report at odds with community (26-Sep-2014)

Concern has emerged as a result of a new report which reveals one in 18 residential aged care re..

Healthy hearts equal healthy minds, according to World Alzheimer Report (25-Sep-2014)

It is never too late to make positive lifestyle changes to improve your mental and physical well..

Dementia supplement replacements under review (23-Sep-2014)

A capped grants scheme, specialised care units or boosting the resources of the Dementia Be..

'Frankenstein' project to revolutionise aged health (22-Sep-2014)

Dr Michael Milford, Queensland University of Technology robotics researcher, is hoping to revolution..

Hearing Health Crisis in Aged Care (25-Sep-2014)

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 - Deafness Forum of Australia According to the Deafnes..

Positive Behaviour Causes Healthy Ageing, Study (24-Sep-2014)

Positive attitude enhances immune system and boosts longevity among older people, according to a..

One in four aged care places is in community-based care (11-Sep-2014)

The shift from residential aged care to aged care that is provided in the community is continuin..

Cheaper Health Benefits for Seniors - As Promised (04-Sep-2014)

In a win for seniors the Government has delivered a key election commitment giving thousands more se..

Transition care helps older people return home after hospital stay (02-Sep-2014)

More than half of older people who received care as part of the Transition Care Program following a ..

Education for AINs and PCAs at a Price Your Facility Budget Can Afford (29-Jul-2014)

NEW FROM FRONTLINE CARE SOLUTIONS: Behaviours of Concern Education for AINs and PCAs ..

International Nurses Week: Nurses - A Force for Change - A Vital Resource for Health (08-May-2014)

How are you celebrating International Nurses Week? In the midst of our busy lives, it is goo..

Lift the performance of your organisation by having your leaders mentored (16-Apr-2014)

Clinical Leadership and Mentoring Program. Frontline Care Solutions and the Australasian Col..

Australasian College of Care Leadership & Management (02-Apr-2014)

The Australasian College of Care Leadership & Management (ACCLM) offers accredited training ..

Now Every Aged Care Organisation can have a Graduate Nurse Program! (01-Apr-2014)

Frontline Care Solutions are proud to announce the release of the Frontline Graduate Nurse ..

Understanding and Implementing Consumer Directed Care (01-Feb-2014)

Frontline Care Solutions are excited to announce the release of ..

Up to 90 Percent of Aged Care Training Institutes Fail to Meet Industry Standards (07-Jan-2014)

Reports in the last month have raised serious concerns about the training organisations that are res..

Christmas at Frontline - 2013 in Review (29-Nov-2013)

We don’t know about you, but the team at Frontline Care Solutions are looking forward to n..

Language is no barrier (15-Nov-2013)

‘I have a concern’ – English ‘ich habe Bedenken’ &nd..

New Translated Complaint Resources Available (08-Nov-2013)

The Aged Care Complaints Scheme has translated print and video resources for the languages ident..

Feedback requested on the New Aged Care Quality Agency and the Quality Reporting Program Review (05-Nov-2013)

The New Aged Care Quality Agency The Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency will be r..

Depression affects more than half of residents (31-Oct-2013)

Throughout Aged Care over 50% of permanent resident’s in Australia have symptoms of depres..

Australia's oldest twins celebrate turning a century together! (29-Oct-2013)

Australia's oldest set of twins, Flora Barrett and Winifred Hopes, celebrated their 100th birthd..

Are you prepared for an emergency? (25-Oct-2013)

This last week has seen New South Wales battle the worst bushfire crisis in decades. In ma..

The New Shadow Ministry (22-Oct-2013)

The Australian Labor Party released its Shadow Ministry on the 18th October. The Opposition ..

DoSS & DoH release their new websites! (18-Oct-2013)

In follow up to our recent article, The Liberal Party of Australia shakes things up! (http://www..

Mental health is a key priority! (15-Oct-2013)

This month recognises World Mental Health Day and National Mental Health Week. Marking World Men..

A resounding silence over the future of sensitivity training (08-Oct-2013)

The future of the $2.5 million allocated to sensitivity training is currently under questioning,..

Changes to ACFI! (04-Oct-2013)

The Department of Health on the 20th September 2013 has released the following documents, please..

The Liberal Party of Australia shakes things up! (03-Oct-2013)

Well things have been shaken up with the election of the new government including a new look cab..

International Day of the Older Person 2013 (01-Oct-2013)

On 14 December 1990, the United Nations General Assembly (by resolution 45/106) designated 1 Oct..

The 100 day plan (24-Sep-2013)

The election of the Liberal Party of Australia has thrown the Aged Care environment into uncerta..

Commissioner and Ministerial Advisory Committee for Senior Victorians announced (19-Sep-2013)

The first Commissioner for Senior Victorians was announced on the 12th September 2013. The role ..

The New Government and Its Impact on your Service Delivery (12-Sep-2013)

Ok everyone get ready! We have a new Coalition Government but there is much discourse and debate..

The Election of The Australian Liberal Party (09-Sep-2013)

Well after 8 years Australian politics is set to change with The Liberal Party of Australia clai..

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (03-Sep-2013)

The Commonwealth Home Support Program will combine the existing Home and Community Care Program ..

The Federal Election & Its Promises (02-Sep-2013)

With just a few days to go before the Federal Election many people are questioning where they sh..

Blue Care Celebrates 60 Years! (01-Aug-2013)

Blue Care started with humble beginnings, with Sister Olive Crombie making her first house call ..

Are you Reform Ready? Advice & Business Grants are available. (29-Jul-2013)

The Workforce Innovation Network Aged Care are providing FREE reform ready reviews (RRRs) to a l..

My Aged Care - The Aged Care Gateway (23-Jul-2013)

The new federal government website ‘My Aged Care Website’ (

Fix The Problem, Don't Look For Blame (16-Jul-2013)

The recent ABC Lateline story ‘Aged Care Crisis’, whilst clearly highlighting some s..

Recent Changes To Legislation And Its Impact On Your Service Delivery (15-Jul-2013)

Prior Preparation Prevents a Poor Performance! What are you doing to prepare! Understandi..

Music & Dementia (20-Jun-2013)

‘Music is magic; it is a backdoor into the mind, into parts of the brain that dementia and..

The Southern Cross Story (28-Jun-2013)

From a Vision to a Reality! From a vision to a reality: history of Southern Cross Ca..

Knowledge of Evidence-Based Clinical Procedures Builds Confidence (13-Jun-2013)

Aged & Community Care can be a very stressful environment, we expect nurses and care workers..

Carinity Centenarians! (10-Jun-2013)

To defy the odds and reach a centenary is a milestone not many see. However, Cari..

International Day of Families (01-May-2013)

The International Day of Families, held annually on May 15, celebrates the importance of familie..

Mothers Day - 12th May 2013 (01-May-2013)

The modern celebration of Mother's Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a mem..

Understanding & Accessing Aged Care Today- The 7 Important Steps Everyone Should Know. (01-May-2013)

Maroochydore RSL in conjunction with Frontline Care Solutions are hosting a Community Forum on T..

DoHA fumbles the ball on Wages Compact (30-Apr-2013)

In the latest of seemingly never ending bungles by the Gillard Labor Government, the Department ..

Are Your Staff Trained to Handle an Infection Control Incident? (29-Apr-2013)

Infection control in the Aged Care environment is very important as the elderly are more suscept..

Sexuality in the Elderly (24-Apr-2013)

The sexual needs and behaviours of older people is an issue that is commonly ignored or misunder..

Rational suicide: Why Beverley Broadbent chose to die (18-Apr-2013)

Beverley Broadbent was not dying of a terminal illness, nor was she depressed or unhappy. But at..

UQ to deliver Bupa aged care education (10-Apr-2013)

The University of Queensland School of Nursing and Midwifery has signed a major two-year education p..

Assessing and Managing Pain (02-Apr-2013)

As clients age the evidence and presence of pain can increase. Much of this pain goes unreported..

Impacts of Ageing Course - New for 2013 (02-Apr-2013)

When it comes to delivering quality aged care, every care worker needs to have a fundamental gro..

Professional Development Tools for Agency Nurses (02-Apr-2013)

Agency nurses are being employed in greater numbers in the aged care sector as the demand from h..

Joanna Briggs International Colloquium - Thailand (30-Nov-2012)

Frontline Care Solutions recently attended the 8th Biennial Joanna Briggs International Colloqui..

Euthanasia Back on the Public Agenda (26-Nov-2012)

The Greens Party has put Euthanasia back on the public agenda by proposing to introduce bills in..

If Not, Why Not? (26-Nov-2012)

The role of the PCA / AIN is becoming more diverse as the changing care environments move to the..

Delerium or Dementia (16-Nov-2012)

What is Delirium? The real cause of client behaviours can sometimes be difficult to diagnose..

Fall Management (30-Oct-2012)

Fall in the elderly are some of the hardest injuries to recover from but the good news is most are p..

Great leadership starts here! (30-Oct-2012)

"No man is fit to command another that cannot command himself." ~William Penn What do great ..

Improve Your Counselling Skills in 2013 (28-Sep-2012)

Aged care teams in an RACF are often led by a registered nurse who holds the overall accountability ..

International Day of Older Persons - 1st October 2012 (28-Sep-2012)

On 14 December 1990 the United Nations General Assembly (by resolution 45/106) designated 1st Octobe..

Going West. Our Perth Adventures (29-Aug-2012)

Aged care nurses, team leaders and carers have the opportunity to improve their learning and develop..

Spirituality in the Care Environment. (29-Aug-2012)

Dr Susan Rolandson has recently published a new study “Spirituality and Spiritual Caring: ..

Where has Frontline Care Solutions been in August? (29-Aug-2012)

In August Frontline Care Solutions have been jet setting all over the continent. Here are just a..

Extra Funding Secured (26-Jul-2012)

The Frontline Care Solutions Office was abuzz with excitement following the news we have been grante..

Understanding & Accessing Aged Care Today- The 7 Important Steps Everyone Should Know. (26-Jul-2012)

The Frontline Care Solutions team are hosting the Community Forum on Thursday 9th August 2012 at..

E-Learning Benefits (04-Jul-2012)

How often do you see Professional Development opportunities but are unable to attend due to rost..

Successful rollout of new Diploma of Management (Aged Care) course in partnership with the Federally (04-Jul-2012)

This week Frontline Care Solutions successfully launched its new Diploma of Management (Aged Car..

Understanding & Accessing Aged Care Today - The 7 Important Steps Everyone Should Know” (04-Jul-2012)

Frontline Care Solutions is excited to announce that we will be holding our first free Community..

Food Safety in the Aged Care Industry (30-May-2012)

Food safety in all health care services is a daily challenge as there are many potential risks t..

Music Therapy (30-May-2012)

Music can play a vital part in our lives when it comes to our mental health and well-being and t..

Encouraging The Grey Army.. (01-May-2012)

The Federal Government is set to provide an incentive for mature workers to re-join the workforc..

Reform Results (01-May-2012)

It took 256 days for the Government to respond to the Productivity Commission's report on Aged C..

What is 'Living Longer, Living Better'? (01-May-2012)

The “Living Longer. Living Better.” aged care reform package provides $3.7 billion over ..

New Peak Industry for Australian Aged Care- LASA (29-Mar-2012)

At lunchtime today a new national peak body for aged care was announced for Australia. Formed by..

Life Before Death - See the Movie (22-Mar-2012)

LIFE Before Death is a multi-award winning documentary series that asks the fundamental question..

No Surprises - Unhappy workers in aged care (22-Mar-2012)

A recent study has revealed the oblivious. Most aged care workers are deeply dissatisfied w..

Dementia and The Iron Lady (19-Jan-2012)

The Dementia that no one wants to face: In light of the new film “The Iron Lady”..

Emergency Response: Update CPR Skills (19-Jan-2012)

Research shows that heart attack victims have double the chance of survival if they are immediat..

Important Events 2012 (19-Jan-2012)

National Conferences (#national) International Conferences (#international) national..

Maintaing mental health by social inclusion (19-Jan-2012)

Mental health concerns specific to the elderly include dementia, delirium, psychosis, and depres..

Summer Sizzle: Beating the heat for seniors (19-Jan-2012)

Drink plenty of fluids. Staying hydrated is essential for everyone, but the elderly tend to ..

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ANZAC Day and the history of the ANZAC biscuit (21-Apr-2016)

Lest We Forget ANZAC Day is the anniversary of the landing of troops from Australia and New Ze..

Aged Care is Australia's New Boom Industry (22-May-2015)

Aged Care is Australia's New Boom Industry - The Aged Care sector has experienced, and is still work..


  • End of Life Care (03-Jun-2016)

    End of Life Care As nurses it is perhaps one of the greatest privileges to be able to share  ..

  • If you’re an RV in South Australia - GET READY! (21-Apr-2016)

    If you’re an RV in South Australia – GET READY! The old Retirement Villages Act ..


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