[AUDIO] Dr Drew at Mix FM – Ageing in the New Age

Listen as Drew drops in to talk to Mark & Caroline at Mix FM about his new book  Buy the Book Here

Book Launch: Ageing in the New Age: A Survival Guide for Baby Boomers

I am proud to announce that my new book has just been published. Harnessing my life’s work and passion for aged care, Ageing in the New Age: A Survival Guide for Baby Boomers is a book that I hope people will use as an education and planning tool for themselves and their

5 of the Most Common Mistakes Organisations Make that Result in High Staff Turnovers

“Intention to stay” – What plays a huge factor in staff leaving? The question should be – What is their intention to stay? With all the red tape that comes with this industry, organisations can lose sight of what is one of the most important factors when managing a positive

Middle Management (Feeling like the meat in the sandwich)

Most organisations have a set of principles and values that assist in guiding staff as a collective towards reaching the vision, mission and values statement of the organisation. Usually these are the aspects of Values Leadership, something that is asked of all staff to perform at a certain level culturally, and

A Focus on Functional Care.

It is most excellent to see the push for a more multidisciplinary team approach in the residential aged care and community care environments, but do we have our focus completely right and are we focused on the right client for best outcomes? The ageing population is a global phenomenon that

The Value in the Entreprenurse

Nursing has moved much away from its traditional bedside role and image. Today nurses work across many fields of practice within the healthcare domain and have also diversified into other industries that see value in their fundamentals, skills and abilities. Today I blog about the value in the ‘Entreprenurse‘. Perhaps one

How to Experience the Challenges of Dementia

Have you ever wondered what the challenges dementia patients are physically and mentally living with? It is now possible to walk in their shoes, with Churches of Christ Care securing the Australian mainland rights to the Virtual Dementia Tour®. The VTD was patented based on research directed by United States based geriatric specialist

Maintaining Documentation in an Aged Care Environment – It Doesn’t Need to be Hard

Aged Care facilities operate in a highly regulated environment that require a systemised approach to meet both clinical and auditing requirements.   Community Care organisations will be required to enter into such regimes with the advent of Consumer Directed Care and ensuring government legislation. Maintaining documentation is a very important

What is your relationship with Leadership?

Lately it appears that everyone in the consulting game is an expert in leadership. With so many leadership consultants, why do we seem to have such a need for more leadership learning? Do we need confirmation that we have the leadership model, right? Perhaps someone else’s leadership model is better
What is your relationship with Leadership?

Performance Management

Learn how to manage your staff and build teamwork in Aged Care settings Registered nurses assess, plan and implement the nursing care delivered to residents. They provide leadership by directing, supporting and supervising the care given by assistants in nursing and unregulated care workers. Registered nurses liaise with doctors, allied
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