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Who is guiding your organisation through the storm of reform?

The Aged Care industry is continually evolving with changes in legislation, implementation of new reforms, staffing issues and funding challenges, all accompanied by the ever present threat of accreditation. If you're tired of being thrown by the waves of reform and battling the headwinds of change you need someone to guide you safely through the storm.

Policies and Procedures for every Aged Care organisation with Frontline Care Solutions' Quality Documentation Management System (QDMS)

Our QDMS is an integrated and comprehensive system that provides a simple and effective hierarchy of policies, procedures and work tools for your entire organisation, as shown in the image below.


Frontline Care Solutions is a leading aged care consultancy firm that works hand-in-hand with large and small aged care providers alike to design and deliver robust policies and procedures that assist your organisation to implement real change and navigate through the maze of accreditation. With our team of leading clinicians and quality management experts you can trust us to deliver superior evidence-based solutions in line with best practice and the latest legislative changes. 

Frontline Care Solutions' QDMS is as flexible as it is essential for every organisation.  You can:

  • Purchase the entire QDMS System - the most comprehensive option which includes the Operational Policies and Procedures package AND the Clinical Procedures component (Option 1);
  • Purchase only the Operational Policies and Procedures package (Option 2), or
  • Purchase only the Clinical Procedures component (Option 3)*

*Clinical Procedures are also available to purchase individually in our online shop and are available for immediate download.

Stand-Alone Residential Facility, Home and Community Care Organisation or Multi-Service Multi-Site Provider?  We can help!

Whatever the size of your organisation or type of Aged Care services you provide, Frontline Care Solutions has a solution for you. Our QDMS (comprising of the Operational Policy and Procedures package and optional Clinical Procedures component) are integrated units, however, they can also stand alone and be purchased separately. Our documents are easy for all staff to read and engage, and can be implemented seamlessly into your service.  For peace of mind, if you need guidance with implementation, our experienced team can lead you through a structured organisational change.

What Next?

Only interested in buying individual Clinical Procedures? Read more on our Clinical Procedures page or purchase for immediate download!

policy aged care nursing home policies community care manual request free sample

clinical procedure aged care nursing home policies community care manual request free sample

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