Passing on Appreciation

The 'Passing On Appreciation' Initiative

The ‘Passing On Appreciation’ initiative was developed by Frontline Care Solutions to provide a simple and visible way for aged care workers to be recognised and shown appreciation by their colleagues.

We understand and appreciate the care and dedication shown by all aged care workers and would like to see more recognition of outstanding carers and employees within the industry. To that end we developed the ‘Passing on Appreciation’ program so that deserving care workers in every facility can be recognised.

The program starts by initially recognising an outstanding care worker with a POA badge which they wear for a week or two. In turn they then pin the badge on to a colleague who they believe should also be recognised for their efforts. This ongoing cycle continues, with the badge being passed from carer to carer, providing a cycle of continuous and often spontaneous appreciation.

Here's how it works:

  • Anyone can nominate an outstanding carer to us.
  • The nominated individual ("nominee") will receive two ‘Passing On Appreciation’ badges. They wear one and pass on the other badge to someone of their choice, who they believe also deserves recognition and appreciation.
  • Every couple of weeks, or sooner if they wish, both current ‘Passing On Appreciation’ badge wearers should pass their badge onto another care worker who they believe deserves recognition and appreciation.

‘Passing On Appreciation’ badges are a simple and visible form of acknowledgement that the efforts of the wearer have been recognised and are appreciated.

To nominate someone in your facility whose efforts you appreciate, please submit the electronic form at the bottom of this page.

We'd love to hear about why they deserve recognition and to help you start a cycle of appreciation in your facility or organisation. We hope that in time all aged care workers receive the appreciation that they so richly deserve.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
– William Arthur Ward

Are the badges available for purchase or bulk acquisition to distribute within a facility?

NO.  The Passing On Appreciation badges are never available for purchase or bulk acquisition. They are received upon nomination only.

Can anyone nominate or be nominated?
Anyone can nominate someone working within the Aged Care industry, even a member of the public can nominate a carer whom they believe is deserving of recognition.
Does the recipient hold the badge indefinitely?
The philosophy of the program is 'Passing On' the appreciation.  Therefore, the badge wearer is asked to pass the badge on to someone they believe deserves appreciation also after one month of receiving it and so on.
Are all nominations accepted?
If a nominator can provide all the required information to demonstrate why the nominee is deserving in their eyes, then their nomination will be accepted and awarded accordingly.
If I nominate someone will I be informed of the progress of the nomination?
Yes.  You will automatically receive a confirmation email upon making your nomination and we will also confirm details with you via a phone call and/or email.
Can I nominate someone but remain anonymous myself?
If you wish to nominate someone without making your identity known to the nominator, you can request that your identity be withheld from the nominee.

'Passing On Appreciation' Nomination Form

Please complete the form below thoroughly. If your nomination is successful, we will forward you a Passing on Appreciation Award pack to present to your nominee which will include two badges - one for them and another to start passing on straight away!

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