Consultancy Services

Frontline Care Solutions are specialised aged and community care consultants. We examine your policies and practices to provide you with a detailed analysis of the current situation, then develop practical solutions to increase the efficiency and compliance of your organisation. We use our detailed knowledge of current best practice and legislative requirements to ensure that you are provided with the best and most up-to-date advice.

We will also assist you to implement recommended changes through development of comprehensive change management strategies that encourage input, involvement and ownership from all stakeholders.

Our consultancy services range from clinical skills through to organisational operations and policies.

Frontline Care Solutions offer an outstanding approach to clinical auditing and a continuous improvement model developed through a collaborative method within your own team.  This system of quality development makes it simple to implement the required understanding and training into the daily practice of your care staff.

The system quickly and seamlessly integrates with your organisation's normal day to day operations, providing a valuable and reliable management strategy in all areas of service which fully meets accreditation standards.

The core principle to quality management is having the whole team play a role. This system ensures that you can achieve this independently in your own homes.

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