Clinical Leadership for Advanced Practice (CLAP)

Become the clinical leader that you strive to be or advance your skills and future work prospects.

The CLAP course is designed for health practitioners who wish to advance their practice through adopting competencies and skills in Clinical Leadership. This workshop will enhance the abilities of both emerging leaders in healthcare or experienced clinicians seeking to transition to leadership and/or management roles.

Focused on the evidence-based competencies of Clinical Leadership, the course begins with in an intensive one day face-to-face workshop with Dr Drew, followed by seven online seminar modules, completed at your own pace over the following 12 months. We believe in positive empowerment of you the individual, helping you to master the foundations that provide clinical governance in a healthcare team or setting.

No matter what discipline of healthcare you practice in, this clinical leadership course will help you to develop your own confident and positive skills in leading and collaborating within interdisciplinary healthcare settings.

The soft skills in clinical leadership are often the hardest to master for busy clinicians.  Allow us to re-light your fire and passion, empowering you to be the clinical leader you strive to be.

Module 1 - Introduction to Clinical Leadership in Practice

This module deals with the underpinning knowledge of the competencies of clinical leadership, the integration of leadership & clinical practice and how leadership models are developed for healthcare organisations.

Module 2 - The Art of Emotional Intelligence (demonstrating clinical leadership)

The power of positive servant leadership begins from within the individual. This module will educate and empower you with the skills in emotional intelligence and the power to utilise empathy to create and manage yourself and others in your clinical practice.

Module 3 - Leading an Interdisciplinary Healthcare Team (working well with others)

Teamwork is imperative within an interdisciplinary healthcare service. Working well with others requires confidence and competency in communication, conflict management and knowing your team members.

Module 4 - Clinical Decision Making and Professional Practice (managing a clinical service)

Knowing that there is a process for making clinical decisions in practice provides a confidence to health practitioners in utilising heuristics and demonstrating critical thinking and clinical judgement to reach the best outcomes for everyone involved.

Module 5 - Manage Quality and Customer Service (quality improvement)

Underpinning your clinical skills with reflective practice and quality management will allow stronger validation to care planning and effective use of resources. Utilising research and best practice can be in the hands of every clinical leader when they are confident in pathway management.

Module 6 - Key Aspects of the Quality Framework and Setting Direction

Module 6 provides an introduction to set direction for your service including how the quality and continuous improvement process can be used to assist that process. This module supports confidence in making directives in care and delegation for autonomy to others.

Module 7 - Understanding Clinical Governance (structure & framework)

Clinical governance can only be achieved through espoused and present clinical leaders. The structure and frameworks of clinical governance are evidence based and once understood it allows clinical leadership to master its role in reaching and maintaining the effectiveness of a clinical governance framework.

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