Seminars and Workshops

Our one-day face to face seminars are presented by Dr Drew Dwyer, who is renowned for providing very engaging, dynamic and interactive sessions.

Ideal for RNs, managers and senior care workers, our range of seminars will bring you up to speed with the latest evidence-based aged care management and clinical practice.

Current Seminars & Workshops

Validating & Implementing Evidence Based Practice in Aged Care Settings

Validating & Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in Aged Care Settings

This workshop is designed to provide senior managers and clinical leaders with a deep understanding of the foundations of evidence-based practice (EBP) and how it should be implemented within their organisation.

Participants will learn how to identify, validate and implement EBP using tools, resources and processes to demonstrate that an evidenced-based approach is being used and monitored.

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Assessment & Care Planning in Aged Care Settings

This is a great workshop designed to enhance the skills of all Registered Nurses in undertaking assessments that inform the development and review of care plans for residents in long term care.

Participants will develop their competency in making a Nursing Diagnosis and undertaking the critical thinking and clinical judgement for contemporary nursing processes.

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Dignity of Risk Course Managing Dignity of Risk & Shared Decision Making

Meeting the outcomes of the new Standard One can be a challenge for even the best of providers and the workforce.  This foundation Standard requires organisations to recognise the importance of a consumer being able to maintain their identity and independence, by enabling to make their own choices and be involved in their community.

Standard One describes the concept of "dignity of risk", which recognises the right of consumers to make their own decisions and choices about the care and services they receive, as well as their inherent right to accept the associated risks.

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Develop a CGF for the new Aged Care Quality Standards

Develop a Clinical Governance Framework for the New Aged Care Quality Standards

All aged care services must comply to the new Aged Care Quality Standards from 1 Jul 2019, including developing a Clinical Governance Framework that guides the organisation to comply with the new standards.
This workshop will provide participants with a sound understanding of the new standards and strategies to transition your organisation to be compliant with them.

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Understanding and Implementing ACFI

The Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) continues to change with Federal Government announcements of further amendments to funding arrangements. The threat of claw-backs is ever present so facilities need to ensure they are prepared to validate and protect their funding.

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Clinical Leadership for Advanced Practice (CLAP)

The CLAP course is designed for health practitioners who wish to advance their practice through adopting competencies and skills in Clinical Leadership. This intensive one-day workshop is supported with a series of online webinars and recommended readings that will enhance the abilities of emerging leaders in healthcare or experienced clinicians that are looking at leadership and management transitions.

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Understanding and Implementing Consumer Directed Care

The seminar takes the participant on a learning pathway to develop a deep understanding of the CDC framework and how to implement it. This course is a must for all Home & Community Care Managers and Education Officers.

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Essential Counselling Skills for the Supervisor, Manager or RN in the Aged Care Environment

Leaders will be equipped with counselling skill mapping to help themselves and others deal with conflict, set goals for improvement and plan for complex situations while working in care. Counselling is a valuable and professionally recognised health skill set that is needed in daily care environments.

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Performance Management in Aged & Community Care Environments

This seminar is a must for all managers and supervisors working in Aged Care. It is designed to teach a better understanding of the complex range of considerations, legal frameworks and impacts on teams.

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Anxiety and Depression in the Elderly

This engaging seminar will provide you with a deep understanding of anxiety and depression in the elderly, including how to diagnose and manage these conditions. As a care worker it is critically important to be able to identify, understand and manage anxiety and depression in a client’s daily care plan.

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Applying a Palliative Approach in the Aged Care Environment

Participants will benefit from this face-to-face learning that underpins the principles of taking a palliative approach in partnership with the consumer and the framework for clinical governance and planning in palliative care situations.

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Clinical Leadership and Mentoring in an Aged Care Environment

This workshop has been developed to enhance the leadership knowledge and skills of all clinical leaders within an aged care environment. RN team leaders, care team leaders and management will all benefit from attending this day of engaging and contemporary practice.

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End Stage Dementia and Palliation Seminar

Clinically managing clients and their families through the end stages of life can be a demanding and emotionally charged process. Challenges are heightened when clients with dementia require complex assessment and specific care planning.

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Multi-Disciplinary Health Team Leadership Seminar

The program is intended to impart knowledge that assists the reflective practice of RN team leaders who work on the frontline of care. It has been designed to develop clinical leadership skills and positive learning in the RN.

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Pain Assessment and Management

All workers in the Aged Care sector need to remain vigilant to the fact that pain in the elderly is common and often goes unrecognised or is treated poorly. Pain is a personal experience, occurring when and where the client says it does but, it is often not addressed or managed well in either RACFs or Home and Community Care services.

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Focusing on Responsive Behaviour Management

Attendee's benefit from this face-to-face learning that underpins the principles of observation and data collection for behaviours of concern.
Learning outcomes include identifying behaviours, documenting and analysing data, and specific intervention management through behaviour plans.

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