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The Value in the Entreprenurse

Nursing has moved much away from its traditional bedside role and image. Today nurses work across many fields of practice within the healthcare domain and have also diversified into other industries that see value in their fundamentals, skills and abilities.

Today I blog about the value in the ‘Entreprenurse‘. Perhaps one of the most innovative and creative nurses that sits within the profession. The Entreprenurse is a nurse that thinks outside the box. A nurse that has the fundamental clinical skills and competency that underpins the practice and the profession, with the added advantage of purposefully acquired skills in other areas needed to achieve more focused outcomes.

An Entreprenurse will hold a passion and persistence that has driven them to want to succeed, not only for themselves but also for others they serve. They will have travelled a journey of learning and development that has designed their scope of practice to be flexible and usable in so many diverse ways. They will have an astute understanding of others and are constantly working to improve on their emotional intelligence.

In general the Entreprenurse will hold formal training and qualifications in both Vocational and Higher Education and the experience of the work/life/roles. Perhaps a specialist in Sales and Marketing, Education and IT or Leadership and Management, it will be orientated around the art of transformational leadership, becoming more and doing better for the bigger picture. One thing for sure is that the Entreprenurse is experienced in failure, understands rationale and will utilise the experience to grow and benefit the reach for success.

Being an Entreprenurse is a challenge as much a it is an extent of the calling to nursing itself. Many of us have worked hard in devotion to the patient and for the profession and have reached that point of ‘self-actualisation’, wanting more, doing more, becoming more and doing it for the benefit of others as much as yourself… a nice balance when you see the change that entreprenurses want to be. Continuous in their development and mindful of the mold that they may break as a ‘nurse’, the Entreprenurse deserves better opportunity within the healthcare sector as acknowledgement and reward for the hard work they do.

I know and meet many Entreprenurses out there that are trail blazing innovation and leadership through creating new ideas and models for businesses outside the general health care sectors. Those with talent and skill backed in by specialised knowledge such as a mastery or PhD, that is now benefiting others to transform to success and usually in a business outside of the traditional role of a nurse. When I network with them and we get talking about the walk, they note that they moved away to other sectors because the opportunity and value was there.

I think it’s time to remind those who are leading the healthcare industry of the value in the Entreprenurse. These nurses know that there are many opportunities that sit within the grasp of innovation and it requires skilled and critical thinkers that have a passion for change and underpinned by the foundations that provide good holistic health care. Given the current position of the health care industry and much of its looming crisis (simply look at aged & community care) perhaps it’s time to ignite the fires and drop the fears about nurses and their ability to adapt, lead and change the future of health care. I have no doubt that we can begin this journey by taking and claiming the Value in the Entreprenurse…I will bet there is one around you, their light is usually very strong.


Paulatim… Drew

Original Article Written by Dr Drew, July 4, 2017

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