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Thinking and leading through your heart takes courage.

There is a great saying that goes ” The more I learn, the more I realise what I don’t know”. One great example of this was the movie magic of the Wizard of Oz. The sublime messages of finding self through having a brain, needing a heart and the courage to face ourselves for the sake of others is something that is learned.

This being so, I have tried and keep trying to learn more so that I can work out what it is I don’t understand so I can use it to help others. Recently I have had a great experience through transcendental meditation workshops and learning how to use the learning I have gathered by fuelling the space in my heart to get it out to others around me.

I know that this may seem all airy fairy to some of you pragmatists, but the reality is that if we become more attuned to the passion for things in our heart space, we can lead others more fluidly by using our head filled information (facts) and fuelling our hearts to lead others. “Knowing”, is a great place to find resolution and solace, particularly during times of challenge and distress. What we know to be right or wrong and what we know to be fact or thought of fiction, allows us to find a peaceful place when making decisions and finding balance in times of crisis.

As we learn through whatever mechanism you choose (i.e. books, workshops, mentoring, problem solving), learn to send some of that information down to your heart where it can have the biggest impact on self and others. Having the ability to deal with conflict, face adversity and take on a challenge often comes from the knowledge we have stored in our brains that has a central link to our hearts. The heart produces courage and that courageous attitude is fuelled from the knowledge within your brain. The Scarecrow, the Tin man and Lion all live inside you, and are in need of bursting out.

It really is a simple process that you control when you know in your head that you are right……….connect with your heart and use the magic that our spirits provide and mix it up with our compassion, our empathy, our ability to care for others and our sense of will to get it right. Our brains have a lot more space to store things than we know and our hearts are capable of taking on so much more than we think we can endure. At times when we see or feel that leadership is needed, remember that it’s your heart knocking on the door of your brain to open up the skills and information that you have already learnt and providing a pathway for it to be shared with others. All you have to do is have the emotional intelligence to back yourself in whole hardheartedly and have some faith in your courage.


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